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Aug 20, 2014

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◢ Are You Satisfied? ◣
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◢ Are You Satisfied? ◣

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Aug 14, 2014


I lied.
I wanted you from that moment.
I wanted you, wrapped in starlight and reflections,
To be tied up with strings.
And ropes.
And chains.
I wanted you hanging around my neck
Like a charm I could press to my heart and
Make three wishes on.

But I trapped the want
And the words inside my mouth.
I buried those secret things under my tongue,
Biting down until blood and bitterness
Filled my mouth
And poured down the back of my throat.

In the beginning, you said, there was only water.
But what about the end?

I closed my eyes and lay flat
With my back to the ocean
And my face to the sky.
I lifted my hands and caught ribbons of wind
Underneath my fingernails.
I rode the water for so long,
I forgot what my skin felt like when it was dry.

― Autumn DoughtonThis Sky

Aug 14, 2014


We said it from the beginning.
No strings. No regrets.
We lay, tangled in a web of sheets,
Limbs and anemic light,
And we passed promises back and forth like slippery stars.
You told me you were recovering from
A broken heart.
I told you I was recovering from
A broken life.
Fair enough, we agreed and laughed.

We wrote stories on our bodies.
Middles and endings
Etched onto our feet and the palms of our hands.
Our hopes were lettered in black and silver
On a background of stark white flesh.
We traded words on our tongues like tiny drops of melted sugar.
In the beginning, you said, there was only water.

This is how you unraveled me.
Thread by thread.
Until I was bare,
Wearing nothing but my skin
And my bones
And my blood.

― Autumn DoughtonThis Sky

Aug 5, 2014
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Destruction on We Heart It -
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